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Many members will be aware that the Stan Tomlin Award was initially awarded exclusively for story writing. However, it has proved unrealistic to expect a level of entries which would make the “competition” a viable one.

With effect from this year (2018) we are therefore widening the scope of the award to include all aspects of family history research. Of course, members are still encouraged to commit their family stories to paper for personal fulfilment and posterity; many of us would agree this is vital. The following list illustrates just some of the possibilities for nominations:

  • Exceptional personal research work related to family history;
  • Story-writing on a particular family member or members;
  • Exceptional research work on behalf of the Society;
  • Voluntary work on behalf of the Society;

The Award is open to members only and it is hoped that members will wish to participate fully in the annual selection of a suitable recipient. This participation can be by nominating and/or voting from the choice of nominees.

Nominations are invited throughout the year but must be submitted to the Secretary BEFORE the FIRST WEDNESDAY of OCTOBER to enable the possibility of a membership vote and the result to be announced at the Christmas Meeting, amidst all the festivities. A plaque is awarded and the successful nominee will be featured in the HRFHS Journal.

It is hoped that there will be enough nominees – i.e. two or more – each year to warrant a membership vote. Committee members are excluded from nomination.

The Award is open to Members only and full details are in the Members’ Area.