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Many Society members have carried out research projects in the past and produced valuable material for the benefit of others. Some of these have been published and several others are stored in our archives.

There is an overriding project to provide these and, indeed, all of the Society’s archive documents within the Members’ Area of this website. However, this is very much in the early stages and is a somewhat time-consuming exercise! The archive list is available in the Members’ Area and the detail will be added as and when it can be produced in a downloadable format.

There are on-going projects which involve the collation of available material into a more informative application but there are many more documents awaiting this attention. All of this work is carried out by very few people, all of whom are volunteers.

In addition to this attempt to organise and publish already-held information, the Society is keen to embark upon further research which involves weeding out other as yet untapped local sources. It is also hoped that members may soon be able to incorporate their own research into the Members’ Area in some way.

We welcome suggestions of areas on which to concentrate.

Tentative “plans” in the pipeline (pipe dreams?) are:

  • Schools – admissions and historical
  • Farms – names, owners, workers, statistics and types
  • Fishing – fishermen & hawkers, boats, historical (Rye & Hastings)
  • Entertainment – theatres, cinemas
  • Sport – cricket and football teams