These photographs have been kindly provided by HRFHS members and represent some of the ongoing research. May the memories endure! Do you recognise any names  ….. or the people themselves?

The Gallery will grow over time so it will be different each time you visit our site ……

gallery-ades-ernest-maskell-george-001  ADES, Ernest & MASKELL, George c1940
Louisa J Studio Portrait 001 BAKER, Louisa Jane 1910
Jordans postcard picture 001 BAKER Family of Brede, 1910
gallery-bishopp-ishmail-001  BISHOPP, Ishmail c1900
gallery-burton-george-001-3  BURTON, George Thomas, Skipper of ‘The Albertine’
gallery-clout-laura-1914-001 CLOUT Laura May (nee HELSDOWN) c1930
gallery-clout-joel-001 CLOUT, Joel Carter c1914, 1920
gallery-clout-c1945-001  CLOUT, Joe, May & Grandma Clout c1945 (in Hastings)
Fredk and Harry Godden 001 GODDEN, Frederick & Harry, taken 1915 Kirby 3 KIRBY, Henry & Mabel (son, Don, in hat) 1920sKirby shop   Kirby 1  KIRBY, Henry with his son, Don, 1940-45 and the ironmongery shop Henry started (snapped in the 50s)
Kirby 2  KIRBY, Henry & Mabel with parents, C1918
Lamb, Hy & Eliz LAMB, James Henry & Daisy Caroline (nee Torrance)
Popeye & Olive Lamb LAMB, Henry & Jane Elizabeth, “Popeye & Olive” (nee Hook)
gallery-ades-maskell-001-2  MASKELL, George marriage to Bessie ADES 1911
gallery-mitchell-caroline-james  MITCHELL, Caroline & James c1925
gallery-sands-george MITCHELL, Edward (Ned) & Lily (nee PLAYFORD) c1936
gallery-playford-carnival PLAYFORD, Daisy, daughter Lily & father, George SANDS, Hastings Carnival c1925
gallery-playford-daisy-lily PLAYFORD, Daisy & Lily MITCHELL c1975
gallery-family-group PLAYFORD, Emily (nee Sands) / Lily SANDS & Lily PLAYFORD 1915
gallery-sands PLAYFORD, Daisy Emily (nee SANDS) & daughter Lily F G, 1915
gallery-playford-harry PLAYFORD, Harry (Daisy’s husband) 1916
gallery-sands-daisy SANDS, Emily (nee CLARK) c1935
gallery-sands-emily-george SANDS, Emily & George, 1930s
 WH & Ethel Smith 001 SMITH, William Henry  C1922Smith Children 001 SMITH Family of St Leonards  1939Louisa O Thw 1915 001       THWAITES, Louisa Olive, 1912
Reg c1931    THWAITES, Reginald   1931
gallery-white-sisters WHITE, Caroline (centre) & 2 of her sisters
galler-william-charlotte-white WHITE, William & Charlotte c1926