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If you intend to spend a long time in research, looking intensively into family connections, then you may need to take out a subscription with one of the big sites, i.e. or  Useful as they are, they are quite expensive. It is worth noting that public libraries usually provide access as a service but time on local library computers can be restricted … and they are not open in the middle of the night when you’re still up researching!
WARNING – subscription sites may well charge a high commission rate for directing you to the General Register Office for certificates and this is unnecessary.
You can either go directly to where you can register your own account for a certificate there and then and for any future purchases – as well as a very useful free search facility OR there is a direct link from the Government FREE Birth, Marriage and Death search site, with all births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales from 1837-1983.

Two FREE websites which provide a wealth of detail once you get into the search process …

For absolutely anything on any subject – lots online but otherwise available at either NRO, Kew or the local record office, e.g. The Keep :
Access to sources all over the UK, providing a search by county:


Celia Heritage is a local genealogist, author, researcher and trainer who is an accomplished authority on local and family history. In a recent presentation at a Society meeting, Newspapers for Family History, Celia provided valuable information on the sources of newspaper material which are so useful for filling in the detail of the lives of our predecessors. She has given our permission to offer it here and we are pleased to give her due credit. If you want to visit her site:

Free Sites:

Other Possibilities

The Society’s main aim is to encourage and help others in their search for their ancestry.

To this end we work to make our resources available as easily as possible and assist with:

  • starting out and constructing a tree;
  • on-going people-searches;
  • adding the detail, i.e. places, occupations and events;
  • finding and using various sources of information … along with the pitfalls;
  • general familiarity with computers;
  • organising the data;
  • writing the story.


All enquiries and requests for help will be responded to as quickly as possible and all will be given the same interested and considered response. Please remember that – although a wealth of experience in genealogy is on hand – the person / people handling your request will be doing so in a voluntary capacity and not as a professional.  As such, we do not charge but, of course, would welcome a donation to funds related to the degree of assistance provided.

It is hoped that an online Request Form will be available shortly but until then please refer to the “CONTACTS” page. An email is likely to be the most rapid response. If you prefer to send a letter, please include a s.a.e. for the answer.

If you are local or visiting the area then you can drop in to the Research Room at the Ore Community Centre, 455 Old London Road, Ore Village, Hastings. It is open on Thursday and Saturday mornings from 10 a.m.