J L Baird plaqueJohn Logie Baird 1888-1946 – Pioneer of television with a workshop in Queens Arcade, Hastings

Elizabeth Blackwell – first woman medical doctor (USA) who set up London School of Medicine for Women in London 1874 with Elizabeth Garrett Anderson.

Grey OwlGrey Owl – (picture Archives of Ontario) Archibald Belaney, 1888-1938. Born Hastings and unhappily raised by maiden aunts, he emigrated to Canada aged 17. There he became a conservationist and wrote about and promoted his ideals within a new identity as the son of an Apache and a Scot. His true identity was not discovered until after his death. Hastings Museum has a gallery dedicated to his work.

Robert TressellTressell plaque

Robert Noonan – alias Robert Tressell – lived with his daughter in Hastings following a complicated life between his birth in Ireland and marriage in South Africa. He worked as a painter and decorator here and wrote the first socialist novel about his experiences and those of his workmates. It was published after his death.