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Weds 14th November, 2018

First World War Centenary: Full Report 

 From HRFHS Committee     

A large part of the Society’s work has been completed and the results are now available in the Features page. We are still gathering together the individual stories that ensure they will never be forgotten. This event will give the detail of the Memorials Database and tell some of the stories we expect to publish in the near future. We shall also be mapping out our research into the aftermath of the conflict which will form a large part of our ongoing work into the families who survived.


What did the survivors return to?

The Electoral Reform Act which not only allowed women a vote but extended the franchise for men also

 Changing roles in women’s employment and shortage of jobs generally

A rapidly changing class system

An upsurge in the emigration of young women who had found Canadian  US husbands

Food and commodity shortages

A flu epidemic which killed more than the War itself.

 Come and see how you can help build these stories from your own ancestry.


 Open to Members and Non-Members

Starting 7:30 p.m. – Ore Community Centre, Old London Road, Ore, Hastings

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Ore Community Centre, Ore Village, Hastings 7.30 p.m. 

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